Storyteller Journal Coverage/Features

Storyteller Journal Coverage/Features


Coverage and features of local moment, movement, and music events may be requested to be added to our calendar for free on a first come, first serve basis for publication in the Storyteller Journal.

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Free Coverage & add on services

Free coverage reqs: event(s) must take place in or within 30 miles of coverage area (inquire for details), service includes full editing and digital copies:

Bookings must be reserved at least two weeks prior to the event with the date, location, and time

Press or guest list access for the provided The Storyteller Media co. photographer(s)

Usage rights to bands/artists/organizers crediting media creation to The Storyteller Media co. - (granted to only applicable artists & organizers, according to the discretion of The Storyteller Media Co)

includes public galleries, footage, publication feature(s), and more

Specific photo/style requests, promotional headshots, album covers, GIF's, and other services listed above may be requested or booked instantly in addition to the free services provided by The Storyteller Media co.