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Hi, we’re Kayla & Zach, a Minneapolis, MN based wedding documentation duo specializing in documentary photography & videography with an editorial touch.

We utilize a hybrid medium style of capture — combining 35mm, medium format, instant film, Super 8mm cine film, as well as digital photography and videography, to create a nostalgic and timeless documentation experience completely unique to each couple we work with.

We understand that the memories captured on your special day are some of the most important professional documentation you will have of yourself and your loved ones — and trust me, they truly are! Looking back at our own wedding documentation, it’s the candid, real moments that we hold closest to our hearts. It’s those captures that we cherish and display proudly on our walls, and it's those captures that we want to provide for you and your loved ones too. 

On wedding days you’ll typically find us with no less than three cameras around our shoulders & necks per person at any given time. We focus on allowing our intuition and the emotion of a moment to guide where and how our lens moves, and what we capture. We craft our imagery to be sophisticated, filled with emotion, and truly timeless - meant to be relived and revisited time and time again, allowing you and your loved ones to remember & cherish exactly how it all felt for generations to come.


Terralynn & Jesús

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"Kayla and Zach are an amazing duo who gave us a world-class experience. Overall, their customer experience is amazing and they are so supportive from start to finish. At the actual wedding site, Kayla and Zach worked together to capture everything. They really went the extra mile to make sure our day was represented as lovely and romantic as it felt for us as a couple. I was very impressed that the quality of editing also avoided washing out all the brown skin tones. Everything truly was a dream."

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