About Storyteller Co

Top wedding photo and cinema duo Storyteller Co photographed standing against a black backdrop in their studio


Kayla and Zach Koterwski-Tate are a boutique wedding photo & cinema duo specializing in multi-medium analog film and digital captures of nuptial celebrations. Combining medium format, 35mm, Polaroid film, as well as Super 8, 16mm cine-films, and digital cinematography and photography to capture their unique wedding films and imagery. Rooted in a distinguished photojournalism background, the duo divided their time as photojournalists (specializing in travel, music, and community activism/movements) and wedding documenters for four years before transitioning to capturing weddings full time in 2020.

Drawing from their experience as photojournalists, the duo effortlessly applies their unique skills and teamwork ethos to the fast-paced world of wedding documentation. Each frame they capture radiates honesty, sentiment, and sophistication. Their portfolio has graced the pages of prestigious publications such as Forbes, Newsweek, and The Advocate Magazine. Their storied lenses having captured prestigious faces and artists worldwide including the likes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Julien Baker, Taking Back Sunday, Shaky Graves, Wu-Tang, Nadya Tolokonnikova, Pussy Riot, CHVRCHES, Gary Clark Jr., and many more.

Each documentation experience is uniquely tailored to the story & personality of every client they work with. With a deeply intuitive and highly skilled lens, they ensure every moment is immortalized with elegance and sentiment.

The duo resides in Minneapolis, MN and are available for wedding and elopement commissions worldwide.



  • avant-garde movements
  • art deco elegance
  • bauhaus innovation
  • analog film Mediums/Processes
  • timeless family memories
  • vintage couture & high fashion
  • mid-century modern design
  • vintage magazine ads
  • classic silent films
  • 70's era sitcoms
  • Studio 54 glamour
  • Vivienne Westwood's boldness
  • Ansel Adams Imagery
  • The works of Cecil W. Stoughton (President JFK's photographer)
  • 80's rom-coms

(Kayla's godfather was a member of the camera & electrical dept. for films including "the breakfast club", "16 candles", "risky business", & more)

  • quiet luxury
  • Cultural icons including Andy Warhol, Elizabeth Taylor, Clara Bow, Marilyn Monroe, Bowie, Prince, & Elizabeth C. Quinlan (aka Queen of Minneapolis)


Do You Travel?

Storyteller Co. is a Minneapolis, MN based wedding photo & cinema duo, available for travel capturing nuptial celebrations and love stories worldwide.

Who Will Capture Our Wedding Events?

Storyteller Co wedding bookings always include Kayla and/or Zach as the lead documenter(s). For full service photo and video collections Kayla and Zach both act as lead documenters for their respective mediums, with additional photographers and videographers added as needed according to the scope of the event and coverage needs.

In the case of illness, injury, or other unlikely force majeure event preventing one or both Kayla and/or Zach from physically being present for coverage of your events, a documenter from the duo’s trusted and vetted list of hybrid documenters will be chosen to fill in during day-of event captures, while all planning, communications, and post production will continue to be handled by Kayla and Zach. This is exclusively the case for force majeure events, Storyteller Co does not offer associate packages.

Do You Shoot Real Film?

Storyteller Co specializes in capturing hybrid film & digital wedding photography and videography -- combining 35mm, medium format, and Instant photographic films, Super 8/16mm movie film, and digital captures. The duo is known for their unique mixed medium style, documenting weddings using Holga film cameras, 35mm & 120 SLR/rangefinder cameras, a variety of vintage Super 8mm cinema cameras, a vintage 1920's 16mm magazine movie camera, and mirrorless digital cameras.

Analog film is a truly timeless, bespoke, and luxury experience — unique, storied, and deserving of the honor that is documenting the ultra-important memories unfolding during the celebration of your love. Our digital captures are minimally edited to reflect the highest quality final deliverables and cohesive multi-media images and films. Storyteller Co's storied and artistic analog film documentation, created alongside the capabilities and instant gratification of the duo's stunning professional digital captures, results in truly unique and timeless heirloom keepsakes you'll be proud to revisit and share for generations to come.

What Is Your Style of Capture?

True to color, true to how it felt, artful. Always. Rooted in a rich background of photojournalism and documentary expertise, Storyteller Co's approach to wedding photography is distinguished by a candid-focused, minimal-to-no-prompts style of documentation. They ardently strive to authentically & artfully capture genuine moments that reflect your essence, your togetherness, and your love, all while seamlessly blending into the fabric of your special day. All Storyteller Co's wedding services include all day coverage, meaning they do not capture using an hourly rate, instead staying as long as needed to capture each storied moment of your wedding celebrations!

To achieve their unique images & films, Kayla & Zach employ a hybrid toolkit featuring analog film & digital cameras, skillfully combining various mediums and film stocks to artfully encapsulate the energy of each moment. The outcome is a timeless documentation of your most cherished memories and the beloved people who shared with you in your celebrations. Storyteller Co's process combines 35mm, medium format, and Polaroid photographic films, as well as Super 8mm & 16mm cine film, ensuring an unparalleled capture experience and lasting keepsakes.

All images and films are edited to reflect the colors of your day true to form, all wedding galleries also include select retouching (removing unwanted background noise such as uncovered outlets, trashcans, etc) to ensure the highest quality final deliverables. Wedding galleries are typically delivered in full within 4 weeks, with previews available within 48 hours of your wedding celebrations.

What/Who Do You Capture?

Storyteller Co places a high value on love in all its forms and proudly affirms its commitment to LGBTQ+ and religious inclusivity. The duo specializes in documenting weddings that are intentional, personalized, and focused on creating memorable experiences. Their bespoke services cater to a wide variety of wedding celebrations.

Exclusive, artistic, & honest collaboration is a key feature at Storyteller Co, where the duo selectively works with couples who share alignment with their values, priorities, and vision. Couples are required to contract wedding planning/coordination for all day-of wedding events, ensuring a seamless and well-coordinated experience.

Catering to a discerning and artistic clientele, Storyteller Co is often the top choice for luminaries from the music, entertainment, and creative industries - drawn to the duo's unwavering commitment to capturing authentic emotions and crafting timeless memories with an unmistakable flair for the avant-garde.

Do You Provide Film Negatives?

Film negatives are precious artifacts capturing the timeless moments of your special day. Keeping and delivering archival film negatives to wedding clients offers a unique and enduring experience that digital files can't replicate. Archival film negatives serve as a tangible, authentic connection to the past, preserving the true essence and aesthetic of your wedding in a way that is distinct from digital formats.

By including archival film negatives in wedding packages, clients not only receive the ability to access stunning dark-room prints, but also gain the ability to view their images on a vintage projector and create custom enlargements or specialty prints in the future. Film negatives ensure the longevity of your cherished memories, as they are resistant to technological obsolescence and provide a timeless quality that withstands the test of time. Furthermore, the tactile nature of film negatives adds a nostalgic and artistic touch to the overall wedding experience, offering couples a tangible connection to the craftsmanship involved in capturing their precious moments. In an age of fleeting digital images, film negatives provide a lasting and irreplaceable memento that enhances the value of your wedding documentation experience, making it a truly invaluable and irreplaceable investment.

Can My Images/Films Be Kept Private?

Storyteller Co contracts typically incorporate a model release, permitting the use of imagery and films from client wedding celebrations in Storyteller Co's marketing, social media, and website. The duo does however frequently accommodate clients who desire confidentiality through the signing of an NDA. If you intend to request an NDA, please communicate this requirement prior to booking to ensure clarity in all contractual agreements.

Polaroid image featuring luxury photo and super 8 film cinema team Storyteller Co holding vintage analog cameras
wedding photographer Kayla Koterwski of Storyteller Co pictured sharing analog memories with grandmother of the groom
Grainy B&W Image taken on Point and Shoot Film Camera showing Kayla & Zach of Storyteller Co in the mirror reflection
Zach Tate wedding cinematographer at Storyteller Co pictured walking around downtown Chicago, captured on B&W 35mm film